Permanent Make-Up


Correct constantly make-up meant to restore the natural forms. In contrast to the tattoo colour pigments are introduced only in the upper skin layer.
Thus a Constantly make-up has a durability duration of from 1.5 to 5 years.
In our Beauty studio only high-quality products are used in general to make the treatment so certainly and pleasantly to our customers as possible.


We place special value of the fact, that the used colours
are defeated by strict controls and only the topmost ones
High-class standards correspond. A nice face,
perfectly in naturalness and aesthetics who does not wish this?
With Constantly make-up you take pleasure daily already after him
Rising, after sport, swimming and sauna in the beaming freshness
and the strong expressiveness of your face. They save a lot of time with that
everyday care and also for wearers of glasses make-up is Constantly one
big relief.

volle_lippenFull lips
Grew pale or irregularly appearing lip forms are able
with Constantly make-up again youthful and natural ones
Shape receive.
In addition the lips are compensated in the contour and the being absent
Lip-red can be refreshed in the natural tone.

ausdruckstarke_augenBeaming eyes
A Constantly make-up is able with meagerly growing eyelashes
be helpful. The eyelash wreaths are able by Constantly make-up
with a tender line are stressed. This leaves the eyelashes thicker

By an exact eyelid line the eyes receive more expression.
Many people estimate the optical effect from Permanent
Make-up with irregularly or too thinly to growing eyebrows.
Eyebrows completed, can be condensed or be restored totally.

Visit us in our Beauty studio in Puerto d `Andratx, we discuss you with pleasure.